Academic Poster @ Wellbeing Conference Birmingham City University 2016

Brain Container” is a lit, moving art installation housed in a customised cargo container;a giant interactive light box. The work created aimed to raise awareness of and de-stigmatise mental illness through showcasing the aesthetic properties of neuroimaging.The Project involved working closely with the Translational Neuroimaging group at the Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham University in order to [1] gain an understanding of the neuroscientific advances made in the field of psychosis research [2] observe both current treatment approaches and approaches that are in development [3]study the perceptions of both patients, their carers and the public with regard to experiencing an episode of psychosis.
The research and creative process culminated in a site specific installation that explores the creative reinterpretation of neuroimagirng materials made as part of a project for Blackpool Illuminations funded by ACE, 2014. Brain container included sound and light,
interpretation material and educational workshops with Arts for Health. Supported by Arts Council England.

Hijacking Natural Systems’ was a collaboration with leading biomedical researchers at the University of Nottingham where JB spent six-months working in their labs.The work focused on understanding the events that happen inside cells in response to Grehlin, and how this information could be used to develop drugs that turn hunger on and off as possible treatments for obesity and diabetes. The research and artwork produced provides a visual interpretation of how the hunger hormone Grehlin stimulates the body’s cells. Reinterpretation of research material as art for public dissemination included exhibitions, BBC Big screen (Derby Leicester), Films and animation, Billboard and Bus stop designs, Vinyl Art work, accompanied by interpretation material and educational workshops with a wide range of people. Supported by the Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England.