Cumulus Design for Everything @ HDKI Hong Kong

Since September 2015 I have been going into three different laboratories to gain first-hand experience of working with research scientists who use advanced imaging as an important visual tool in their scientific investigations. The aim of this research is to build reciprocal relationships with my scientific collaborators to extend knowledge through interaction and to find out if it is possible to generate new insight through conducting an in-depth visual investigation.

The research has extended my knowledge and appreciation of cutting-edge imaging experiments, scientific procedures, technical and analytical methods employed by scientists that I have experienced while in the field. One common rationale is the study of beauty and complex systems. Scientific data, including cells, animal and
natural structures has been collected. This data is being reprocessed through innovative creative strategies and digital manipulation to produce new graphic artwork. Strategies are now being developed and detailed which test how this visual artwork can be disseminated to different audiences and how its impact can add to
knowledge. This activity is revealing how art can be used as a vehicle to create a ‘space’ for new interaction with scientific data to engage the general public.

Collaborative projects include:
Experiencing internal structures of cells using microscopy from different imaging technologies, the Cell Signalling and Pharmacology Group, University of Nottingham.

Versatile imaging as a three-dimensional sketch at the Core Research Laboratories Imaging and Analysis Centre,Natural History Museum, London.

Dermal drug delivery – How to increase bioavailability in viable skin. A multidisciplinary project at the Centre for Cellular Imaging, Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University in collaboration with Chalmers University and Malmo University.

A collaboration with scientists to gather data for image exploration, iteration and aesthetic decision making. Extending the visual themes of play, colour, movement, mapping, structure and pixelation. To produce static and moving imagerepresentations for a range of outputs including, exhibition, publications and social media. To generate research and
artwork that has an impact at an individual, local, national and international level.